Touchless Automatic Car Wash

Surf N' Suds Car Wash

Surf N Suds Car Wash preaches scheme versatility to reach all of our potential customers. Along with our state of the art express tunnel, do it yourselfers, self-serve bays, Surf N’ Suds offers you a state of the art touchless automatic car wash. We are the only car wash in town or probably anywhere where you the customer have three choices. Remember, not every car fits a certain wash. So, for those who want a touchless car wash, our PDQ LaserWash 4000 will clean as good as any other automatic.

About PDQ

For the past 30 years, PDQ has provided the car wash industry with cutting-edge technological advances in car wash equipment and car wash systems, including the first contouring arch and the Virtual Treadle.

PDQ has always been recognized as the world-leading manufacturer of touchless car wash equipment with one of the most powerful names in the industry – LaserWash.
That same energy and passion was brought to Surf N’ Suds LaserWash 4000 touchless automatic.

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